FunJob was chosen to revamp the look of the classic and staple TV show, POP Up Video! The show originally aired in 1996, and is known for its popping bubbles of info containing trivia, witty witticisms and funny innuendos throughout the music videos played. Known as the classic music program of the 90’s, FunJob is honored to collaborate with VH1 on this project. The FunJob make over was done to the entire show packaging, and the overall look and feel of the entire show. FunJob also recreated the intro with an up to date style using animation, as well as a remake to the old-school icons used through the show, which indicate different emotions, symbols, figures and pictures. It was a blast to redesign such a staple TV program with our FunJob magic, and watch it get reintroduced to the world! Enjoy!

Branding for Vh1 Pop Up Video
Steve Saiz / FunJob