To welcome the spirit of joy and fun, Sephora approached FunJob with a need for a fresh campaign for their busiest selling season of the year- the Holidays! Using a unique color palate, including traditional festive colors like red, but also incorporating deep purples and turquoises, FunJob created a full identity based around the idea of gifting. The “Giftopia” concept was applied to all visuals throughout stores nationwide, including packaging and gift bags, handouts and printed catalogs, counter and window displays, and 3D pop up vignette arrangements. FunJob also created a 15 second bumper, used on all costumer interactive tablets and Holiday video ad content. The main mascot, a simple yet chic smiling face with bold lashes, glides through the contemporary winter wonderland, and brightens our shopping experience with loud graphic and abstract line work.

Sephora - Giftopia Holiday Campaign