Our good friends known as N*E*R*D asked FunJob to create a tripped-out masterpiece to be wrapped around a Rolls Royce for their video Hot & Fun. When asked to create a piece in the vain of the Yellow Submarine, John Lennon’s classic 1960 Rolls Royce, things got exciting! In turn Magic Explosions was born, a psychedelic take over of FunJob cosmic forces. The video was shot Mad Max style in the desert of California and the car fit the part perfectly! After the launch of the Hot & Fun video N*E*R*D wanted FunJob to apply the Magic Explosions artwork to a live outdoor stage for the opening of the 2010 B.E.T. Music Awards. The transformation of this semi-truck was another great collaboration between N*E*R*D x FunJob! Originally designed for N*E*R*D’s “Hot & Fun” music video, FunJob’s Magic Explosions artwork was re-imaged for the new N-E-R-D.com site where the elements come to life to create an amazing online interactive experience!