FunJob was tasked with making lo-fi educational/musical pieces spanning a variety of different animation techniques harking back to the ole sesamse street vibe. Just a simple & clever way of reminding you to put good quality in your everyday electronics. We think they turned out pretty cute & hope you love them too!!!

Chief Creative Officer – Jack Neary
Creative Director – James Ansley, Allen Oke
Art Director – Denise Cole, Steve Saiz, Sonni
Copywriter – Graeme Campbell
Agency Producer – Natasha KajganicRicky Remote/Clickity Camera/Flickity Flashlight
Animation Company:FunJob
Director: Samuel Borkson & Arturo Sandoval III
Producer: Dan Ruth
Art Director: Steve Saiz, Sonni
Lead Animator: Fernan Graziano Kenny Controller
Animation/Motion Design – Pixelpusher Production:
Executive Producer – Amy Miranda, Lunch
Music – Six Degrees