Nick - WWDOP 2014 Getup get Active from Fun Job © on Vimeo.

World Wide Day of Play is an annual event hosted by Nickelodeon, which is designed to encourage children and parents to turn off the television and play outdoors. FunJob was approached by this client to create a campaign that depicts exactly that- participation by the channel’s viewers and followers. To achieve this call to action, we developed a main mascot, who resembles an active teen and doubles as a campaign logo, a set of icons in conjunction with our mascot, and the overall identity of the web page, bumpers and video content related to WWDOP. Giving life and movement to these 2D designs, along with bright colors and recreational symbols, produced a truly kinetic push, driving home the goal of action and play. We even got the chance to create a set for the one and only Ariana Grande!

Steve Saiz - FunJob - GanzToll